You'd love to be able to effectively communicate the benefit your business provides to your ideal customer...

but you're not sure how.

You know the value of content marketing to your sales and you'd love to do it consistently...

yet you can't find enough time.

You run a business in the equine industry and wonder where on earth you'll find someone with the skills and industry knowledge to help you!

I can help you!



I’m Sarah Watson and I work with equine businesses like yours to increase sales and grow your reputation by bringing energy and consistency to your content and email marketing :)

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Are you ready to grow your business? 

Why Work With Me?!

With over 15 years' working in diverse roles across numerous sectors in the equine industry, and with a lifetime involvement with horses, I have the passion and the industry and equine knowledge to help your business grow :)  

The creation of exceptional, shareable, informative content takes time, yet, many business owners can be reluctant to let go of the reins when it comes to content marketing for fear of their message or voice being lost. is possible to delegate content creation and email marketing and still retain your own style.

I love helping equine businesses grow their audience, increase sales, raise their profile and build their reputation.

Working one-on-one I create your tailor-made content and email marketing strategy and put in place a system to ensure the regular generation, publication and promotion of content to help you achieve your business goals.

You could spend ages developing your strategy, writing and designing content yourself, learning how best to publish and promote, and taking the time to learn and implement the technical background systems that support this...

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A little about my life with horses...

Most of my major career and life choices have had a strong connection to horses in one way or another!

As a child I was very lucky to ride and spend most of my time at a now good friend's yard in exchange for an insanely small contribution of money for lessons and a fair amount of mucking out :)

I was a committed all-weather, happy-hacker at heart for many years, before deciding to work with horses full-time. I absolutely loved being a groom in a number of equine disciplines, such as, Polo, Dressage, Show-Jumping and really enjoyed my time as a Working Pupil and then an Instructor at various riding schools.

After becoming a BHSAI, I still wanted to learn more about horses and so commenced an Equine Science (BSc Hons) degree at Writtle College. I felt it was a total luxury to be able to learn so much about horses and achieved a 2:1 degree. After, which I decided to move into working in equine office roles....



Are you ready?!

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- Cath Dunnett. Racing Blue