Would you like a fully customised content plan?

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If you’re an equine business or organisation who’d like to:

• Increase customer engagement

• Improve communications

• Demonstrate industry knowledge

• Raise your profile

• Build an audience

• Increase sales and grow your enterprise.

I can help you do this through my unique and customisable Impulsion Plan.

As far as I know this service is unique!

I developed the Impulsion Plan to provide a fully customisable framework for developing a creative content strategy for your business. It combines content creation with list building strategies and email marketing to increase your sales and grow your business.

One of the reasons why this service is so valuable is it’ll help you to accomplish your goals much faster - through expert equine industry specific advice, putting in place a solid plan and through the provision of the required levels of professional support to achieving your goals.

Most of my clients come to me to create some forward movement!

They may have tried creating some content in the past, but are not really able to find the time to generate and publish relevant, engaging content consistently, or they feel that what they’re producing doesn’t properly fit with their wider business strategy.

Maybe they contracted someone else to help them, but they didn’t have enough equine specific knowledge to create quality content.

Sometimes, they’ve published content but created no traction with it whatsoever.

Often, they've invested time, effort and money and achieved little positive impact on their business, because they didn't have a solid strategy in place to meet their specific aims. Resulting in unnecessary spending, wasted time, fewer clients, lost revenue and lack of business growth.

Supporting YOU!

I'm not going to tell you that this is the ONE thing you need to make your business thrive.

That one thing is YOU! Your service, your product - you're behind it. 

However, this service will go a long way to helping you achieve your business goals. It takes care of one major area of your business enabling you to save an incredible amount of time whilst growing your business.

Are YOU ready to finally move forward, away from that frustrating cycle?

I'd like to speak to you if you’re an ‘action taker’.

You’re ready to jump past trying to piece this together on your own, you understand that investing in sound, practical, yet creative advice will payback many times over the long-term, as your Impulsion Plan actively improves the visibility and growth of your business.

If you'd like to work with me to improve your Content Strategy - I have some important questions for you…

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- Michelle Dale. Creator and Founder of Virtual Miss Friday & 1nSourcing


I’m focussed on quality over quantity. The people I work with can expect to receive highly structured yet personalised digital support. It’s a working relationship built on trust, where you're able to delegate this entire area of your business, freeing you up to focus on what you do best :)

Transparency is needed at every stage of the process in order to provide you with our best advice and support and we promise your information will be kept private.

Here’s how it works...


You answer some simple questions, to help me learn a little bit about you and your business and submit them to our virtual office. We’ll send an automated acknowledgement of receipt. After reviewing your information we’ll be in touch to arrange the initial ‘Connection Call’ where we’ll discuss the detail. I’ll proceed to create a proposal based on our discussions and your goals and requirements.

(This phase is completely free.)


If you choose to accept the proposal, there will be a fee for Phase 2, the planning stage, where you’ll receive a unique, comprehensive and completely customised Operations Plan, Creative and Promotional Strategy and Support Team recommendation.

This will give you a completely laid out creative vision for your business and everything you’ll need to put it in place. Including a content marketing strategy, content ideas and how it all fits together. As well as the operational systems and support needed to ensure that your content is consistently and efficiently created and promoted - so that you’ve got the big picture before we potentially move forward.

The consultation fee starts from £647

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This is where you take the decision of how you’d like to move forward with this vision. You have total flexibility and can choose to:

1. Take the plan and implement it yourself.

2. Take the plan and find someone else to help you implement it.

3. Hire DIGITAL Impulsion to help you with the full scope of the plan on a monthly basis.