You already know that an email list is one of the most valuable sales assets for your business.

It increases sales - yet you a struggle to find the time to…

• think of useful and engaging topics to share with your audience

• string the automation together

• design the emails

• write the copy

• proofread

• test

You can spend hours, days or even weeks trying to piece it together in the small amount of time you carve out here and there. But you ultimately feel frustrated as you know the lack of consistent action is costing you in lost income. can let me help - and save loads of time and increase sales!

Email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including web search and social media and I can work with you to help you grow your sales through building trust with your audience.

Delegating your email marketing will help you to grow your sales and retain your sanity!

Imagine having emails stacked up and ready to go, with insightful information to share. You’ll be able to demonstrate your knowledge and your worth to your potential customers whilst being able to finally focus on your core business tasks and growing your sales.

I can create as many or as few emails as you wish and design them too. All I need is a little bit of information from you to get started…

Equine Content Creation Testimonial

Here’s what you can expect…


Use the Get Started button to link though to a handy contact form where I ask you to provide some key information. I’ll then review the information and will be in touch within two working days with proposed deadlines (there will be test deadlines and send dates). I’ll likely need some files/information from you and so will let you know if I need anything further. I’ll also send over an invoice for payment prior to work commencing.


We’ll make sure we’ve got everything we need in place to get going. For email marketing that will be files, images, brand colours, profile picture, logo and access to your email marketing software.

Once work is underway, if you or I need to ask questions or relay information, we suggest initial contact by email to then schedule a chat on the phone if required.


I’ll deliver your email(s) by our agreed deadline(s). I’ll also make sure I return to you any amended files and make sure you’ve got everything you need to continue your email marketing effectively and efficiently If you need anything, do let me know, I’m always here to answer any queries and point you in the right direction.

Some A's to Your Q's...

I’m not sure this is aimed at my business?

As long as your business is in the equine industry - this service is for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small one-person set-up or a large international organisation. I can help. I'm that extra resource you need to inject some consistency and creativity into your email marketing.

How can you write in my tone of voice?

I guess I have a knack for it. I gather this information from talking to you and reading the content you’ve already published on your website and social media platforms. I also learn along the way, if there's a line here or there that doesn't quite sound like you, let me know - you've only got to tell me once!

How long will it take to get results?

I don't want to sound wafty, but it depends on what you're selling and how often you email your audience. The higher the risk for the customer (often related to price point) the longer it takes.

By the time I’ve told you I might as well do it myself!

That’s really not the case! Emails marketing takes hours. Delegation takes minutes. I'll make sure I’ve got everything needed to complete the project and will ask questions when necessary. That said, I tend to work off incredibly brief instructions with the majority of my clients - I think it must be a horse person thing!

Confidentiality is really important to me.

Me too.

As far as I'm concerned businesses are built on integrity. Ensuring confidentiality is of utmost importance to me.

All details you provide are in the strictest of confidence and I only share our involvement with your business in our own marketing when you’ve agreed to provide a testimonial or given permission to share the content we’ve created. Unless permission is expressly given - I do not share anything, anywhere, it's strictly confidential.

Racing Blue recommend Digital Impulsion

- Cath Dunnett. Racing Blue