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You’d love to grow your business and get more sales...

You've heard your email list is one of the most valuable sales assets for your business.

But you don't know what to say? What to share? What's interesting to people?

I can help you :)

I can work with you to help you grow your sales through building trust with your email subscribers…your future customers and your existing customers. 

Delegating your email marketing will help you to grow your sales and retain your sanity!

There's a considerable amount of background tech to set-up when it comes to email marketing, which can overwhelm or derail some business owners completely - taking up an unnecessary amount of your time. You can delegate any element of your email marketing - from the technical set-up and automation side, to helping you tell your unique story to convey your skills, experience and value to your subscribers. Consistency is crucial and I help you to continually communicate with the people on your list. So you stay fresh in their mind for when they're ready to buy.

Stop hiding away! Let's start working on building your relationships and growing your sales.

Email marketing services are tailored to your needs - take a look…


Email Creation

Increase your customer communications

From £199

Tech Set-Up

Email automation and system integration


Monthly Support

Get monthly email marketing support

From £499

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