Our monthly support package is tailored to your business needs to help you surpass your goals.

We like to keep it flexible on a month-by-month basis to ensure we focus resource exactly where needed. There's an ebb and flow to business and your business goals change, therefore the most suitable way to maximise your sales also changes and we like to be able to make sure we can react effectively. One month we might be focusing on content creation and the next on distribution and publication. We like to ensure that your investment is allocated in the best possible way each month and so your package is tailored to you from...


  • Monthly or quarterly calls - to go through your goals, promotions and outreach for the period ahead.

  • Weekly calls - where needed to stay in touch and keep up to date.

  • System set-up and integration - links between systems to gather email addresses.

  • Blog creation - we create quality, unique and relevant content.

  • Download creation - to help build your email list.

  • Writing automatic email responses and ensuring all background links are in place to distribute content.

  • Editing - if you have any existing articles, we can repurpose your content to use again in a different format.

  • Publication - on your blog, website and to selected online platforms.

  • Distribution - in your email marketing and social media.

  • Create and schedule emails - to build a relationship with your prospective and existing customers.

  • Landing Pages - creating an effective landing page to encourage sign-ups.

  • Creating thank you pages.

  • Online advertising - formulating adverts to enhance your reach and grow your audience.

  • Campaign metrics - monthly reporting on click through rates, subscriber numbers and more!


Our monthly package is only available after the completion of an Impulsion Plan

Prices start from £499/month

What You Can Expect...

Content marketing is an area where small brands can rival the larger corporations...sometimes it’s much more fun to be a small business.

We love the flexibility and creativity involved in content marketing and use our creativity to get you results.

However, it's important that you realise, that content marketing is not something which will produce instant change.

To realise the full benefits you really need to give this some time. We need to consistently create and promote your content over a period of time to build your audience and nurture trust.

There are big gains to be made but it takes time. 

People need to get used to seeing you about...digitally :)


#1 Create and distribute content

We've got plenty of content ideas to help you reach your business goals, whether that's to educate your customers on your product or service, raise awareness, generate interest or to increase sales. Our first step is to get going with the creation of your free download and to put in place all the tech and communications to automate the distribution. Before moving on to create the supporting pieces of content that feed into this freebie.

#2 Grow your audience

Your content attracts interaction from your ideal audience who then demonstrate their interest in your content and your business through downloading your freebie by submitting their email. You'll also increase your likes and comments across various social media platforms.

#3 Email marketing

Stay in touch with your email subscribers. We share your news and insightful content with your audience to build trust with your potential customers, enhance communications with your existing customers and increase sales by keeping them up to date with your latest offers.


Who this service is for...This is for you if_You want to build your audience.Attract more customers to you.Build trust with your customers and potential customersImprove your customer experience and communicationsRet (5).png
This is for you if_You want to build your audience.Attract more customers to you.Build trust with your customers and potential customersImprove your customer experience and communicationsRetain more of your existing .png