22 Email Marketing Ideas to Increase Customer Communication

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Email marketing helps you build stronger relationships with your customers and increase your sales, however, people often find themselves stuck for what to say!

Here’s some inspiration for you and our top tips on the type of information you could send...

#1 Blog

You’ve already done the hardest part and written a brand new blog post, so get a little more mileage out of it and share it with your list. They might not have seen it and have already expressed an interest in your content. To include it in an email write a brief introduction to it, or you could even copy over your first paragraph and then link through to the rest of the blog on your website.

#2 Download

The same applies to any recent downloads you’ve created. Your crowd will be interested. So, write a paragraph describing the issue it’ll help them solve and link through to the sign-up page. You could link straight through to the document, since you already have them on your list but we don’t really recommend that, as you lose out on sign-ups from people sharing the newsletter!

#3 Industry Information

Share any latest news relevant to your business - this could be legislation impacting the provision of your services, or how you deliver your product, or something that impacts your prices. You could also communicate any related news that your customers should be aware of, depending on your business area this could be - sporting rule changes, charity appeals, scientific research, software developments, competition results and so on.

#4 Opinion Piece

Following on from industry information you could add in your own opinion on news, regulation changes and other factors impacting your business area.

#5 Announcements

News such as new staff joining the team, people moving on, new offices, new marketing materials - everything from the big to the relatively small. Yet, each allowing your customer to get to know you a little bit more and conveying that your business is doing well

#6 Promotions and Offers

Details on any special promotions, when it starts, when it ends, what the discount or deal is, how to claim it.

#7 Launches

Email across details about up and coming services, products or courses. Describe who it’s for, when’s it out, whether there’s an early bird price.

#8 Straight Selling

A rare email, but you can, on occasion, send an email that is pure sales to let people know about your services, products or courses.

#9 Reminders

I only ever get reminders from the optician about booking my next appointment and can’t help thinking loads of other businesses are missing out on this opportunity! If you sell products, something such as an equine feed supplement, where it’s a certain dose a day, you could work out when your customer is likely to have run out and email across a reminder. You could automate this to look at the last order date and send three months later - something similar to that. On services, this could easily relate to equine dentists, physiotherapists, vets appointments and so on. On each reminder make sure you include a clear call to action to book or reorder.

#10 Testimonials

Include testimonials from previous customers in your emails. This provides social proof that other people have found your service or products useful. Use related images, particularly with products, or if that’s not appropriate you could use a stock image or a picture of your client - to put a face to a name. Make sure there’s a link for your customers to take a next action, for example, to read more testimonials or to schedule an appointment - you want to know if they’re interested.

#11 Conduct A Survey

There are numerous objectives you might have for conducting a survey. Once you’ve established your objective,make sure you keep the questions concise and easy to answer. The whole thing needs to be quick and easy to complete to encourage people to take the time to complete it. You might like to offer an incentive to increase responses or alternatively try and target your survey to those that you consider most likely to reply. Respondents might also like to know why you’re conducting the survey and whether it’s anonymous.

#12 Competitions

Send information on a giveaway, what can they win, how to submit an entry.

#13 Quizzes

As a bit of fun that also increases engagement, helps you segment your list and helps you send more targeted content dependent on the outcome. Many people enjoy a quiz and so will hop through the questions to ascertain which ‘type’ of whatever they are!! This could be a what kind of horse person are you, what kind of horse owner, what kind of rider, your personal style brand, and so on...give it some thought :)

#14 Welcome Your New Customers

A welcome series of emails is automatically triggered when you add someone to a list and is a part of your customer service that’s easy to set-up, maintain and deliver which is often overlooked. Written in a friendly and conversational tone, it introduces yourself and your business a little more and thanks them for their interest and/or business, provides them any with extra information they might need to make better use of your product or service and sets you on the road to a good relationship.

#15 Service Email

This could be part of your welcome series where you offer assistance and include information on where to go for support. Links to their account with you, the customer support desk, how to contact you directly, what the next steps are...that sort of thing.

#16 Product Care

After-sales care of how to take care of their new product, how to get the best out of it, any add-ons or upsells.

#17 Share Your Story

You can share how you got to where you are, why you do what you do, any turning points or moments of realisation during your life that hold relevance to your business area or to your customers. This helps you build a stronger connection with the people on your list.

#18 Recent Events or Experiences

Share your experiences of recent visits to events such as Badminton or HOYS, or your experiences of just about anything if it’s relevant to your offering.

#19 Answering Common Objections

This could be that they don’t have the time, could do it themselves, don’t know if your product is worth the money, have tried something similar but it didn’t work...You could answer each of these one by one in an email and help some people get off the fence when it comes to purchasing from you!

#20 Answers to Common Questions

Questions such as, how do I get started, what’s the first step, how safe is my data, what’s the time frame for fitting me in, when can you start the work, what happens when you’ve finished, what’s it like to work with you and many more!

#21 How To's

Is there any part of your service that you can share how to do it? This isn’t as crazy as it sounds, you’re still the expert, but if you can give your customer some pointers, they can go off and make a start themselves and achieve a result under your guidance. Ultimately, increasing their faith in your abilities.

#22 Pricing Information

Sometimes there are elements to your pricing that push the price up, that if people understand the factors that raise the costs, could potentially see a way of working with you in the future. For instructors this is mainly time and travel, and so coming to the instructor could make it cheaper (but of course you then have travel costs and complications), and booking a group lesson is more cost effective. Discounts for numbers may also apply to dentists, farriers and so on. If you’re a company making arenas, maybe it’s less expensive if there is less excavation - knowing things like that might help people make the decision to approach you.

This gives you a massive range of different types of emails to send. Try to send information that is genuinely useful to your audience and keep it varied. Implementing these ideas will help you increase communications with your potential and existing customers with the ultimate result of bringing you more sales.

If you’d like help with your email marketing we’d love to hear from you, please get in touch here :)

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