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Content Marketing - What Is It And Why Should You Care?

What exactly is content marketing? Do you really need to bother with it? And what can content marketing do for your equine business?

Basically, content marketing consists of blogs, images, graphics, videos, ebooks, social media posts, emails and just about anything that contains information that you communicate to the wider world - your business audience. Yet, it’s much more than this…

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How To Consistently Produce Great Content For Your Equine Business

When you're focussing on your clients, finding time for marketing can seem like an unnecessary commitment that you just don’t need - you’re busy already right?!

Yet, if you want to eliminate the yo-yo feast and famine experience and ensure your sales stay consistent month to month, or even better - grow consistently...then you need to keep marketing. There are many parallels between marketing and horse riding - and one is...consistency is key.

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Woooahh, We’re Halfway There!

As we suddenly find ourselves past the mid-year point, we’re feeling that this year is going by way too quickly. As we approach the school summer holidays, now’s the time, more than ever, when you need a plan - to better manage your time and to achieve your main priorities! Here’s how to make a quick, simple and efficient content marketing plan for your equine business to achieve your aims in the second half of this year.

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My Two Step Process To Generate Exceptional Customer Centric Content Ideas

When it comes to content marketing many people are concerned that they might run out of ideas. When really, once you start giving it some deeper thought, the opposite happens and you find there’s actually loads to talk about.

The crucial point to remember is - content marketing is all about your customers. Not you. Not your business. Not your aims. You must listen to your customers' needs.

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