How To Consistently Produce Great Content For Your Equine Business

Equine Business Content Marketing Ideas

When you're focussing on your clients, finding time for marketing can seem like an unnecessary commitment that you just don’t need - you’re busy already right?!

Yet, if you want to eliminate the yo-yo feast and famine experience and ensure your sales stay consistent month to month, or even better - grow consistently...then you need to keep marketing. There are many parallels between marketing and horse riding - and one is...consistency is key.

Why Content Marketing

Content marketing is incredibly effective and can provide some fantastic results. Content is the driving force behind the web - the web is a giant content directory. Content directs people to your website and keeps them there, it also works to improve your SEO ranking.

More and more businesses are using content to promote their services and there’s increasing competition out there to be noticed. Consequently, your content needs to be good and provide value to the reader in terms of delivering useful and actionable advice. However, creating content that is both unique and useful to your customers can be very time-consuming.

Here’s how to consistently produce great content for your business...

What’s Your Main Objective?

It could be:

  • To sell a particular product, service or launch a course?
  • To increase sales of a range of services/products?
  • To position yourself within your industry as an expert?
  • To raise awareness of your business?
  • To create engagement?
  • To attract more high-value customers?
  • Or something else?

Set your main objective for the next 3, 6 and/or 12 months - you might have different objectives across this time period.


Idea Generation En Masse

The most efficient and effective way to come up with loads of ideas is to have a giant brainstorming session. Dedicate a couple of hours to coming up with ideas - following your thoughts and recording them all (even those that you think are maybe not that great).

Keep your customers front of mind whilst you do it. What do they need to know about? What questions do they commonly have regarding your services? Are there any objections or misconceptions that would be helpful to address? Think of different themes, business messages and keeping your content varied and valuable. (We have more help on this below!)

Get Organised

Getting your content marketing organised will really help reduce the amount of time you spend on creating content, as well as give it some much needed direction and purpose.

Take your ideas, see what fits together to support your business objective and could form for example - a series of blogs, a larger content download or video and so on. Then working backwards from your deadline dates set publishing dates for each piece of content.

You could use a free online project management tool, such as Trello, to store and organise ideas and move them around to order them. Otherwise, you could use a spreadsheet, or even put it straight into a calendar.

You now have a plan of what you’re doing, when and an indication of the resource needed to achieve it - whether that’s your efforts or that of a supporter.

Personally, I plan at a high level for the whole year and then in detail 3 months ahead, I find that if I plan in detail too far ahead, the process can become a little inefficient as things change and the plan needs too much re-work.

Creating Your Content

Stay focused on what you want to convey as it’s really easy to get off topic and end up talking about something else. Writing a few basic notes of headings and the main points you wish to get across, will help you stay on track, help your writing flow a little more and help you get it done quicker. Accept that you're not going to get it perfect immediately, get the majority of it down and edit it afterwards, try not to edit as you go!

If you need any help coming up with ideas for your business - use our Idea Generator Worksheet where we give you loads of hints and tips to develop endless ideas for your content marketing. Download your copy below >>>

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