Ideas, Planning And Creativity - How To Make A Content Marketing Plan And Stick With It!

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You’re on board with the transformative benefits of content marketing for your equine businesses but how do you get started?

Here I talk you through how to:

#1 - Never run out of things to say

#2 - Create a framework content plan

#3 - Keep your content flowing

At the end, there’s also the option to download a Content Framework Worksheet to help you formulate a workable content marketing plan.


#1 - Idea Generation Tips

Often, people worry that once they’ve started blogging they’ll run out of ideas and grind to a halt. When really, the opposite happens, once you get into brainstorming ideas you’ll find that each topic leads to many more individual blog posts!

To get started - try thinking through some key areas such as:

  • Your services or products - what problem are you solving?
  • Your business messaging themes.
  • Latest industry information.
  • Your values and approach to business.
  • Queries that your customers might have at each stage of the buying cycle.
  • FAQ’s - details you often end up explaining to customers.

You’ll quickly come up with lots of ideas. After which, you can then take each idea and focus it down some more - to get loads more ideas!


#2 Create Your Framework

There can be a lot involved in content marketing and you need a plan to ensure you know what your objectives are, how you’re going to achieve them and to stay on track.

Before you start, consider how you prefer to plan and use a system that works for you, this could be post-it notes, an online project management system such as Trello, or a notebook.

Firstly, think of your objectives - what are you trying to achieve? Raised awareness, or increased sales of a particular product or service?

Secondly, with this in mind, take your content ideas and consider how it could link together to achieve this aim. What could be a bigger content piece such as a download and how is it best to present that particular type of information to your audience?


#3 Keep Your Creative Flow

Creating something isn’t always the easiest thing to do, so here are a few tips to help keep you in the creative flow…

  • Clearly set out the points you’d like to convey, as it’s really easy to go off on a tangent. A few basic notes of headings and points that you want to get across will help you stay on track.
  • Often, if you’re striving for perfection, you can waste time editing and worrying about the details. To be productive you need to accept you're not going to get it perfect immediately, focus on getting the majority of it down and then set the right tone when editing. As Marie Forleo says...#progressnotperfection :)
  • Keep your focus by setting time slots where you reduce distractions and allow yourself to get creative.


Best of luck with the creation of your content plan and in producing and publishing your content. Remember, sometimes you just need to get started, so take it one step at a time and take daily action. 

If you’d like to start putting your content marketing plan together, enter your name and email address below to download our Content Framework Worksheet...

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