Why Having A Content Marketing Plan Is Important For Your Equine Business

The Equine Community Rarely Does Anything Without a Plan!

  • When you go out for a long Sunday hack - you have a plan of where to go.
  • When you’re competing in any equine sport, at any level - you first have an objective, such as, use it as a learning experience, or go for the win. Then you have a plan of how to achieve it.
  • Even when you’re working on the yard - you have a plan in your head of how to reach your objective of getting it all done, to a high standard, in a limited amount of time.

I could go on!

Content marketing, although, less adrenaline-filled (and sadly not quite as much fun!), is similar - you need a plan to define your objectives and to know where you’re going and what you’re doing, so that you’re more likely to achieve those objectives and you know if you’re on track or not.

A plan guides your way, helps with motivation, keeps you to schedule and ensures content produced is in line with your business aims.

Planning Makes it Easier and More Effective

Conclusive research carried out by the Content Marketing Institute found that businesses with a documented strategy considered themselves more effective at not only content marketing but also social media. Also that they felt significantly less challenged by it and were able to justify a higher spend.


Once documented, you’ll know how much resource is needed to implement your content marketing plan properly. It will also help you delegate one of the most time-consuming tasks and ensure that your whole team is working off the same page - literally.

Stay on Schedule

There is so much going on in day-to day-life and it’s so easy to let tasks such as content marketing slip down the list and right off it. I should know, I’ve done this myself - for too long. Like many businesses client work takes priority and the work on my own business has to wait. Having a plan though, helps you see the must-do tasks in your own business and the consequences (often to your bottom line) of not doing them - it helps you stay on schedule.

Creating Your Plan

A content marketing plan also ensures you work through knowing your objectives, your customer and the key business messages you want to get across. If you want to get deeper into the HOW to create a content plan, you can download a copy of our Content Framework Worksheet below >>>>>

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