Woooahh, We’re Halfway There!


Oh wow, we’re halfway through the year.

It has gone WAY too quickly and July is already belting by in a hot mess! (We're in the midst of quite a long heatwave here in the UK - and we're not really used to it!!)  

Before you know it we’ll be into the school summer holidays, where I know loads of mums and dads are really concerned about staying productive when their kids are constantly commanding their attention.

You need to get a plan and anytime you feel time-poor - you need a plan even more so, to allow yourself to do less but stay effective in the limited amount of time that you have. So you can do more of the right stuff and achieve the specific outcomes required.

So, how do you create a plan?

Firstly, keep it simple. As far as I’m concerned there’s never any need to overcomplicate anything in life! Simple is best. Simple is what we’re aiming for. Without the peripheral extras, you can see what needs to be done more easily. Simple gives you a more effective plan.


Here are Four Steps to Create a Quick, Simple and Effective Plan...

#1 Review

Conducting a mid-year review allows you to stay reactive and competitive. Take a look over your content marketing so far this year. What were your goals? What were the outcomes you wanted to achieve? Which topics did you cover in relation to these? Did you achieve your targets, what were your results?  Did you manage to post as often as you intended?

#2 Set Goals

What do you want to achieve in the second half of the year? What are your main business objectives? What do you want to sell more of? Do you have any special promotions or launches? Get a calendar and write in any relevant dates for promotions and launches and revenue aims.

#3 Brainstorm

Think about all the information that relates to your business or industry that your customers could find useful. Refer to the questions they ask you...and answer them.

For example...

  • An Equine Dentist might often get asked about common signs that a dental check is needed, things the owner can look out for.
  • Riding Instructors could share information on different exercises to improve certain things or case studies of much-improved partnerships.
  • Riding Schools could have information on why learn to ride, health benefits, mental benefits, how riding is a great leveller for all people and an inclusive sport, the many things your children can learn from riding and being at the yard, as well as pony/horse features and so on.

#4 Make a Plan

Take each goal and look at your content ideas. Which ones fit together and relate to the goal and encourage people into taking up your service or product? You’ll need to link together a few blog posts and a downloadable to lead people through to either contacting you, making a purchase or giving their email address so you can stay in touch.


A plan will help you know where you're heading and what you need to do to get there, it will also help you stay on course and gives you something to check against to see if you achieved your goals. To get step-by-step guidance through creating your plan enter your details below and I’ll send across a worksheet to walk you through it :)

Framework worksheet image (2).png