Why You Should Make Storytelling Part Of Your Marketing In 2019

Storytelling as part of your content marketing is huge. It’s been huge for a while, it’s something you see the very successful business owners do incredibly well. This is because as human beings we’re naturally drawn to storytelling. We’re curious. Or maybe nosey!! Studies suggest that 65% of all conversation is storytelling (barring the domesticity conversations on dinner options and life logistics!). So, it would make sense that when a similar level of storytelling is applied through your marketing you’d see a marked increase and improvement in engagement and therefore sales.

Using storytelling in this way helps you to capture attention, which is imperative in today's noisy online world, where distractions are everywhere and information constant.

Storytelling in content marketing is approached much the same as fictional writing, where you have a beginning, middle and end, with a good character, maybe a low moment or a bad character and a lesson to be learned in there somewhere too. Apparently, our attention span is down to 8 seconds. Which always reminds me of rodeo riding (where the aim is to stay on for 8 seconds and where I have a few little stories of my own)! You need to capture their attention early on and could do this with a quote from a well-known source, a statistic, a question or a perhaps an anecdote.

Businesses are becoming more accessible and more human, which is one reason why there’s a huge boost in the number of businesses named after the founder. Personal branding is of the moment, and there’s a lot more ‘behind the brand’ content being published. It helps people trust you and make a connection.

Storytelling is a whole new element of writing to master, however, there’s one simple trick to help make it easier....write your story as you would tell it to a friend. This can take a little practice, however, it works. I use it all the time! In both storytelling content and in achieving the conversational copywriting tone which many people struggle with. I tell it to a friend. In fact, I pick one particular friend that brings out the chatty in me! Not that she knows, I don’t want to freak her out!

So… what stories can you tell as part of your content marketing?

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Sarah WatsonComment