Two Essential Tips For Effective Equestrian Email Marketing


You don’t need to be an email marketer to see a lot of emails! We’ve all got them flooding into our inbox. There are loads of them - and can you be bothered to read them?! Some yes, some no. It’s so easy to gloss over the majority, as you either didn’t sign up for them or have since lost interest. Of the handful of emails you have a slight inclination to read, you make your mind up as to whether you’re really interested within a matter of seconds...before quickly moving on. Your customers are exactly the same. Here we share two simple tips to massively increase the likelihood of retaining their attention.

#1 Format Properly

Yup, this might sound dull, but it is incredibly important. Badly formatted emails are hard to read. In which case, your customer will move on. As would you. Why should they make the effort to decipher what you’re trying to say if you can’t be bothered to present it clearly? Formatting makes a world of difference. Here are a few formatting must do’s…

  • Keep it concise - remember the main points you’d like to get across.

  • Make sure it’s laid out clearly.

  • Break text into smaller sections and use titles and subtitles to make it easier to follow. People will skim read it.

  • Leave enough space between sections. The eye needs a little break.

  • If you’re including a blog, add in the first paragraph, or an introduction and then link off to your full blog on your website - to help drive traffic and measure interest in your subscribers.

  • If there’s an action you’d like your subscribers to take - ask them. Ensure you include a clear ‘call to action’ such as, subscribe, hit reply to this email, or buy now.

  • Pictures should be included only where relevant and necessary. They can sometimes detract from your message and/or mess with your formatting as they’re removed by some email clients, such as Outlook and Gmail .

  • Stay consistent with what you’re doing.

For a little extra, a bit of design can go a long way...

  • Use your brand colours and be consistent.

  • Use a header and footer image.

  • Add in your logo.

  • Make sure images fit with your brand.

  • Ensure all the required business info is detailed in the footer of your email, including a business address and the option to unsubscribe. This isn’t really a design feature but I wanted to mention it as this information is required by law.

#2 Tone of Voice

Our other top tip is to pay attention to your tone of voice and to consider how you’re perceived by your customers.

We equine enthusiasts are often a little brusque by nature, which I personally love, many of my friends are like this, myself included quite often, so I am sympathetic of a naturally short answer! But many people are not, and the written word is different - once it’s out there it’s not possible to take it back, tone is harder to convey in writing and you can sound seriously rude if you don’t expressly make the effort to be fully understood and to sound friendly! Of course, you need to sound like you, but do try and up the friendly tone! We’ve seen examples where customers have been put off using a business again due to an consistently unfriendly tone of voice! People need to warm to you and want to deal with you, so here are our top tips to improve tone of voice in email...

  • Say Hi and Bye! It’s not too tough to put in a little intro, a ‘hi there’ and an ‘all the best!’ Also include an introduction before you start getting into the nitty gritty.

  • Insert the recipient's first name - with email marketing platforms this is really easy to do automatically and it really makes a difference. It’s sooooo much friendlier than say a ‘Dear Member’. If you don’t have everyone’s first name, we recommend setting the auto-default in the mailing platform to ‘there!’ So when the first name is missing it defaults to ‘Hi there!’

  • Chat - if you find yourself staring at the screen and stuck on what to say, we have a great tip…picture a good friend that you’re really chatty with, one you tend to be a little bit more descriptive with (in a good way!) and pretend you’re typing something to them! This really helps the words flow :)

  • Remember to sound like you, not a version of you that you think you should sound like!

  • Try and show that you understand and relate to your customer.

  • Add a picture of you to give a slightly more personal touch and so your customers start to feel like they’re getting to know you a bit more.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods available to businesses of any size. See loads of stats here!! It’s as easy to send a good email as it is a bad one! So format it well and be extra friendly! It will make a massive difference to people actually reading your emails and getting as far as clicking through to take the action you’d like them to - hopefully leading to extra sales, increased engagement and so on. These are super quick actionable tips to quickly implement in your equine business and we hope they help!

If you’d like any help with your email marketing, click here to get in touch!

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