Hey! I’m Sarah Watson.


Welcome to my new blog for Digital Impulsion. It’s great to have you here. :)

I wanted to call this blog something more inventive than just plain ‘Blog’ and so have opted forThink Forward’ - as a little reference to what I consider to be the most important lesson I’ve learned through horse-riding, that I find also helps throughout life...keep going forward!

This blog will be about business, horses and content marketing in the equine industry :)

However, this is not my first blog...

I’ve been blogging under my previous business Bubble Office for about 4 years and have also written content for various other equine businesses, some of which I have permission to share and some I do not :)

Strangely, it’s not sad to say goodbye to Bubble Office - although I loved the name, the brand and the work I was doing under Bubble, I can’t help but love change and the way my business has evolved. Personal development has always been important to me, and I’ve had some great opportunities over the years to really carve out a role for myself in a number of equine organisations. However, running a business, being the ‘boss of everything,’ has naturally been the biggest self-development and personal therapy yet! I made some mistakes with Bubble Office, learnt loads and have evolved.

Horse Life1.png

Evolution of Business

When I first started Bubble Office after a lifetime with horses and many years in the equine industry, doing all sorts of different jobs both in the yard and office based - I decided not to target the equine industry with my services!! Sounds a bit silly looking back, but at the time I felt I had skills that would transfer to pretty much any industry and I shouldn’t limit myself. This is a pretty common mistake, and so I’m not annoyed with myself, in fact I’m pleased to recognise it, learn from it, and come back better.

On launching my first business I had a huge realisation that really surprised me...I was very reluctant to sell and really hated feeling ‘salesy’. However, at the same time, I discovered content marketing and wow - what a transformation. Content marketing allowed me to forget about saying any of the uncomfortable stuff and to just help, by sharing useful information! I also felt that content marketing had a few things in common with horse-riding, such as there’s always more to learn, you can always improve more and you have to keep putting the effort in to keep moving forward! It’s no surprise that I found content marketing an intriguing challenge.

Equine Industry Focus

Even though with my previous business I didn’t target the equine industry and provided a huge range of services - most of my clients were equine organisations and most of my work was content and email marketing. I couldn’t have had a bigger indicator that this is what I should be doing! So, after 4 years of sitting on the fence - I’m going full equine and am now purely providing content and email marketing to equine businesses. I’m so excited and it feels so good to be able to direct all my attention back to the horsey world!

Although a lot has changed, my core of my services have stayed the same and I can’t wait to get even more involved with equine business.

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