7 Reasons Why Your Email List Is A Major Business Asset

Email marketing in the equine industry

If you question whether email marketing remains an effective strategy - ask yourself this…

> What’s one of the first things you do every morning, or the first task when you get to work? …Check your email.

> What’s one of your biggest distractions during the day? …Email.

> What’s one of your biggest compulsions to check checking day and night? …Your email!

With that in mind, here’s why your email list is a MAJOR asset to your business…

#1 Preferred Method Communication

People want to communicate via email, it’s the preferred method of communication for most and gives you direct, immediate access to your audience. Sure, everyone receives some junk, but we can all spot that a mile off and so email remains the preferred method of effective communication.

#2 Make More Sales

Email marketing has a high conversion rate. With email you can keep in touch, send offers, launch new products and services, helping you to make more sales and build deeper relationships with both new and existing customers.

#3 Take Control

Relying on external platforms such as Facebook to communicate or Google in order to be found is a flawed strategy. Doing this leaves you at the mercy of other people business decisions. As we know, algorithms change often as the only thing that is constant and certain with these digital platforms is change.

Whereas, your email list is yours, you own it. Possessing a method to contact your customers directly, without the reliance on third-parties platforms protects you from any major policy or algorithm changes as you’re still able to promote your business directly.

#4 Greater Reach

Your major asset is your audience. As demonstrated by magazine circulation, Facebook advertising, YouTube and TV audiences. Their power comes from their audience.

Reach is very topical at the moment and highlights further why you shouldn’t rely on platforms such as Facebook. With each post you organically reach a very small percentage of your Facebook followers - around 1 to 2%. Organic reach is heading towards zero. Tweets pass by in a flash. Whilst email is far from perfect, some gets lost, deleted of left unopened it has a far higher open rate and your message reaches a significantly higher amount of customers. Added to that, people check their emails on the go, so you can literally reach them anywhere.

#5 Longevity

You're not just posting a status update that's quickly gone, that your audience could easily miss. You’re in their inbox, waiting to be read when it suits them and if your content is really useful… it’ll be retained to be referred back to. The lifespan of your email is actually decided by the recipient - whereas the lifespan of a social post is between a few minutes to a few hours. Personally, my inbox has become like a library where I use the search function to bring up a wide-range of useful content as and when needed.

#6 Better Engagement

Emails allow you to stay in touch more easily, increase customer experience and engage your audience. You just need to make sure you're sending useful information and content they want to receive.

#7 Scalable Communication

As the size of your audience increases the effort to communicate effectively does not necessarily become greater as email systems allow you to send to thousands of addresses in one action.

The Equine Industry

Communication and email marketing is something that any business in any industry should be looking to improve. Therefore the equine industry is no exception and given our natural ability to be impressively straight-talking, perhaps we have a greater challenge than most to inject a little chatter!

Written communications done badly also unintentionally turn people away from your business! So if we are going to continue to encourage greater participation in all equine sports and horse-riding at any level then we all need to work on improving communication across the industry.

I’m on a mission to help equine businesses communication their worth more effectively, so if you run a business in the equine sector and would like any assistance with email marketing, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch here.

If you want to take steps to get started with email marketing yourself, you can download our quick one-page guide below…

5 Steps to Get Started with email marketing