Why Your Customers Want YOU To Publish Content

You’d be forgiven for thinking - why bother with content marketing? There’s so much out there already! However, as my friend and co-business-mentor Debra Penrice from 27 Marketing says - “don’t give up for your customers’ sake.”

Why Should YOU Produce Content?

In short, you need to publish content because if you don’t you’re losing customers to your competitors. Purely because your customers and future customers have questions...and they’re looking for the answers. When you provide the answers, YOU gain their trust and gain their custom.

The need for answers is proven by the very existence of Google - as a content indexing tool. 

Publishing quality content will bring you more customers, increased sales and higher profitability.

Why do Customers Want YOUR Content?

Most of us buy goods and services online nowadays and there’s an element of trust involved. What do you need to see before purchasing?

Customers and your audience now expect to be able to find much more information about your business, products, services and often you, before they feel ready to buy. Your future customers need to see something from you to build trust before purchasing.

People are looking at your business. People are searching for answers. You can help them.

Not everyone wants to learn from the big players. You’ve got your own particular way of communicating which may well strike a chord with your audience. Your content marketing can have an edge over bigger brands by providing more relatable actionable advice.

No matter the size of your business, content marketing helps your customers - it solves an issue, answers a question, or provides interesting information. All whilst giving you the chance to share more about the transformation you can help them achieve and the benefits your product or service provides. Importantly, it also helps you to enhance your customer experience through improved communications, which in today’s digitally connected world is becoming more important than ever.

All the while you’re putting content out there, you’re building relationships with your audience and future customers. This sounds wonderful - but you may wonder...whether this happens in reality? The answer is yes - and it's a real advantage to your business. People want to be confident before parting with hard-earned cash. As an example, are you more comfortable buying a horse from someone who’s taken the time to talk with you, answer any questions you may have, let you have a little ride and given you free unbiased advice - or would you rather buy from someone you’ve never met or spoken with before? Now, I know it might depend on the horse - but you get my point :)

The #1 Reason Why YOU Should be Creating Content for Your Business (Even if You Think No-one’s Watching)...

Equine Content Marketing

You increase your sales.


  • Attracting more customers

  • Retaining more customers

  • Or, raising your prices

Even if your metrics show that your audience is small and you feel as though no-one is listening, remember that everyone started somewhere, everyone started from zero at some point. It'll just take a bit longer to build! Your business is being checked out. People are looking - and when they look, you’ll have helpful information there ready for them to consume. To keep them on your website longer and to help guide them into greater engagement with your business.  

If your competition is producing content and you’re not, their marketing is ahead and they’re attracting customers who may have otherwise come to you. If they’re not producing content and you are - you’re ahead of the game.

You want more sales. People are out there searching for answers to their questions. If you can provide the information they need, you'll attract their interest in your business.  Over time, you’ll increase your sales. Why? Because, content stays out there until you take it down - getting more views, likes, shares and comments. Helping your website and content to display when Googled. Getting seen by your potential customers and building awareness of your brand and trust in your business.

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